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National Congress of Speleology. XLI Edition. Romania. Circular I.

In 1973, romanian cavers met for the first time at „Padina” chalet, for a national meeting called „Speosport”. Since that time , this event was organised each year, untill in 2000 the name was changed from „Speosport” to „Congresul National de Speologie” („The National Congres of Speleology”).
„Congresul National de Speologie” is the annual meeting of romanian cavers and marks a years caving and exploration results, and is a forum for debate and expression in speleology, carstology and asociated activityes.
This year the "Sfix Gârda" Speleological Association celebrates 20 years since 1993 when doctor Christian Ciubotărescu left Bucharest and moved to Gârda de Sus, a small village where he practices medicine even today as a general practitioner. Together with Dan Popescu and other speleologists, he founded the Speleological Association which becomes a legal entity in 1994.
Our Association has the honour to invite you to the 41st edition of the National Speleological Congress, which will take place in Arieşeni commune, Alba County, between 6 - 8 September 2013.
The Arieșeni Commune is located on DN 75, in the far North - Eastern part of the Alba County, on the Arieşul Mare springs, 120 km away from the city of Alba Iulia , and 140 km away from the nearest town called Câmpeni. The area represents the center of a circle which encompasses on its borders the following cities: Cluj Napoca, 141 km away, Oradea 130 km away, Arad 182 km away and Alba Iulia 120 km away, thus being an attraction close to most of the tourists in this area.
Tourist attractions in the area:
Ghețarul Scărișoara Cave, Groapa Ruginoasă, Vârceorog Waterfall, Cheile Galbenei, Poarta lui Ionele Cave, Ghețarul de la Vârtop Cave, Cheile Mândruțului, Izbucul Tăuz, Izbucul Cotețul Dobreștilor, Pătrăhăițești Traditional Art Museum.
Access by car:
1. Alba Iulia – Arieșeni (120 km) : take DN 74 and in the city of Câmpeni turn left on DN 75
2. Deva – Arieșeni (133 km) : take DN 76 to Brad where you turn right on DN 74 to the city of Campeni then turn left on DN 75
3. Oradea – Arieșeni (130 km) : take DN 76 to Ștei where you turn left on DN 75
4. Cluj Napoca – Arieșeni (141 km) : take DN 1 to Turda where you turn right on DN 75.
Access by bus:
·Alba Iulia – Arieșeni, at 7ºº from Alba Iulia bus terminal
·Deva – Arieșeni, at 14.50ºº from Deva bus terminal
·Oradea – Arieșeni, at 10ºº and 17ºº from Oradea bus terminal
·Cluj Napoca – Arieșeni, at 6ºº, 13ºº and 15ºº from Cluj bus terminal
Preliminary schedule:
·Excursions: 2-5 September 2013
·Congress: 6-8 September 2013
Participation fee:
·RON 50, which includes access to all the sections of the Congress, festive meal, catalogues, name tag and accommodation inside the school on an isoprene mattress.
·Paying the fee in advance until the 1st of August 2013 ensures a 15% discount.
·The Account holder, bank details and TIN will be communicated in the 2nd leaflet.
·Information/Signing up:
· ( site will be available in the nearest future)
·A.S. SFINX Vice-president Ciubotărescu Radu-Bogdan
More detils will be comunicated in the 2ns and 3rd leaflets which will also be available on the following sites: and

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