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The Barrasil Canyon (Rodellar, Sierra de Guara) [progression canyon school]

In all canyon activities, the pre-planning of descents usually perform one of these tasks field representing us some time to work. In the case of children the problems and issues to consider change substantially, and how to organize and develop the well. But hey, these are other issues, we focus here on one of the descents made, the Barrasil Canyon in the Sierra de Guara (Huesca).The Barrasil was our first descent, makes a lot of years. Subsequent re-do three times, although the output drop Gorgas Negras Canyon. It is strongly recommended that any decline that we plan for children is widely known to us, or at least have a faint memory of it. Although, over the years, those memories can vary greatly with respect to reality.There is much and varied information on this canyon and videos, etc. With this in mind, the purpose of this post is not at all provide information about it, only related to planning-friendly aspects.

Advance works and equipment.

Although this canyon not required down vertical, in this case, we put a rope of 15 meters and three vertical equipment. In our oldest, we remember a block zone, but was'nt a problem at the time, in the case of children, we have some means to pick up and they are lifted safely, if necessary. It did not fall in but you have to contemplate it all fell, although a priori is horizontal canyon.The kids equipment should be of the same quality as ours (in this case complete 3-4 mm wetsuits, booties; helmet, etc. It is essential do a good helmet fit their small heads. The kids tend to lose temperature very fast and proper equipment is essential. Moreover, in another case , which should be fun for them, it could become a bad experience and, therefore, not wanting to get back into a canyon. It is essential to have fun in the activity and, best of chaos, it is them an unforgettable day. All the kids equipment lifejacket undoubtedly and in the case of non-swimmers, is the most important. This should be suitable for the child's age , and be perfectly adapted-adjusted to it. Each child in these conditions, with vest and not swim must be accompanied at all times by an adult canyoner.

Another important element is the food. In these cases the approach and descent times are greatly enhanced. Therefore, an activity that does not need water, food, etc.., or at least very little, changes considerably. In addition, children do not understand the lack of water or food to reduce weight, or with a certain activity. So get into the bags some liters of water and varied food.

In the part of equipment, although there recommended "canyoning kit", here is a small kit required, head lamp, two thermal blankets and a couple of candles and matches that firing wet. Any incident involving kids require facilitate the maximum stay in the canyon and in that sense, some thermal blankets and a candle to heat the place is essential. It is possible that in the future a mini sleeping bag in watertight cans are also added.

Approximation route

We start Rodellar and yet divided into two bags (for two adults), we initiated the approach. We were accompanied by two kids, one 7 years old, with a good level of swimming, and a 4 years old, which is handled only pool with sleeves.

Although the ideal is for children in ravines be immediate approach in this case they will play a kicked certain that, if it is not small. It is essential that walking does not turn solely on walking. We accompany games, stories about the area, ghosts, and various explanations to teach them all sorts of things about the natural environment in which they find themselves. Absolutely Guara offers plenty for all.

A full wall climbers are surprised. In the first sections try to emulate possibly thinking that these ceilings are available to everyone. They soon discover the opposite. Anyway, the show gives us both hanging game to tell all kinds of stories and comment on some details about the climbers and climbing sport. Among other things we speak of a thing called gravity and in Guara, does not affect everyone equally.
A little later we are in the river, the river, the Mascún, a true natural wonder. Cross on a couple of points along the way without getting wet becomes a challenge for children. We're one and then the other kid. On the other side we see that the one kid is something entertaining and browsing. Arriving a little snake escapes. It is an animal that fascinates children and, in many cases, they will produce a certain fear. This is the first released snake you see in your life. All kinds of questions arise. If few have seen in our life?. Have you any crushed us?. Do you die if sting?, etc., etc., etc.. In summary, as could see, that snake was much more afraid of us than we of it. He wasted no time in disappearing from view.

Upwelling Mascún catches their attention. The rock spit water. Children remember any of their caving activities and large quantities of water. And that, when do we return to take Cortiñas Cave?.

After a natural formation that although we have seen a lot of times, always perplexing, Guara dolphin appears. This rock bridge gives us ample room for, among other stories, and tell these canyons are formed, and the enormous power of the wáter.

On the left we see Andrebot site, why we continue on a path marked and always rising. To the right the Andrebot Cave catches your eye. Periodically stop. A story, a little water and continue. 

Little by little they are eating the rise. We got to the top and our memory was almost immediate access to the Barrasil Canyon, but in all, still a good drop, by the Chasa way. Before starting the descent to the Barrasil in the poster pointing Barrasil, Otín, Nasarre, Rodellar, talk to them of these places.

And with all this, although some guides said the approximate time of 1h30m Barrasil is, in this case, with kids, has brought us a total of 3h30m. As you can see, it is important to plan the activity with a time far, far above those considered in an activity without kids, with very exceed twice the usual time margins. Moreover, what can be considered as a little closer to them, it becomes a tough and long.

The descent.

Before starting the canyon descent we eat. At all times try to be well hydrated to kids. 3h30m approach has brought them some effort. After lunch we get into the wetsuit. Although the day before we had watched the weather forecast for the area, it was clear, to our surprise , just in time to be fitted, drop us a storm. We safeguard the herd in an area of plaster estimates that safe (for the type of material to rain and landslides may occur, select the area well and, in case of doubt, better in the rain). We considered aborting the activity and start the return path approximation. Between 3h30m return and canyon descent, and all the data Barrasil remember, always thinking we progress with two children, in the end we decided not to abort the activity and calmly make the canyon descent. It starts in the rain and fortunately after 30 minutes we again see the sun.

A chaos-block area called Bocazal of Cats, requires little practice with and you climb down and climb up, joined opposition. In any case we have to do manually pick up children

In some of the canyons I've ever done I found Frenchs with children. On the descent we met a group of Frenchs, coming from Gorgas Negras Canyon. Approach, to see the kid wearing lifejackets doing the "tweezers" for the pools, to inquire about his age. I had not thought of before, but finding a kids in a canyon, a word, usually makes them very excited. I would like to see these little telling their "war stories" at school around holidays. Sure it was a leap of a meter becomes a few more (-:

To facilitate small progression by pools without obliging them to swim these sections, use our bags with waterproof boat float mode. Pulling them comfortably progress and, incidentally, they have a great time. Hopefully someone carry us well in any of the canyons that we have done.

The walls grow and the canyon win in spectacular.

And like the previous day, in Vero River, we spent some time at the , one of those difficulties so fond of children.


We finished the fall with a long pool, approximately 300 meters. Undoubtedly, a good stretch of swimming for children. As in other pools, pulling our bags children clinging to them progressing. Needless to say, in these difficulties, the life jacket on children who can not swim is essential. Also, always be accompanied by an adult. Towards the end of the pools, we see the Mascún River in the left margin, a little later, reach Pedruel Bridge, end of the canyon descent.

Pedruel Bridge (end of Barrasil Canyon)

At this point, in which is located "Camping los Puentes", kids waiting while one of us walking back Rodellar by our car. Here we find two Catalans ahead of us on the rise Andrebot makes quite a lot of hours. Seeing the kids end of the canyon, nearly seven hours later, do not hesitate to give them a warm hello and greeting with thumb up. Again the two kids barely enter the bridge. 45 minutes to be back makes, among other things, we should plan our watertight containers have dry clothes to change children. It is not appropriate to have around 1 hour wet, after 7 hours of activity (3h30m of aproximation and 3h30m of canyon descent), and on a day that does not look overly sun. With these data, at least the times should always be considered more than double the estimate in guides and references (if these are conservative), plus add a good margin of time.

In short, they have gone very well and want to repeat. It's been almost a month, and I am writing this post. They still talk of Barrasil Canyon someday, and want to make another canyon soon.

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