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Introduction to vertical for Kids (Xalo Mountain)

We have not wings THEN we do not know flying. Height is not the natural habitat of humans. When a kid, looks to a site with some fall, his instinct leads to retreat and depart. Instinctively we protect ourselves by withdrawing from anything that may pose a risk to our integrity.

Accustom the young to the heights should be done progressively. 4-5 years is a good age to start. Initiation must be in a progressive way and taking all necessary safety precautions. It is essential a great deal of patience, as in the first incursions can meet with a refusal to stay at a certain height or a "I want to go". It is normal. The first time the activity may consist simply of a walk around the area and, in future, enter into rope. Better things calm.

Another fundamental aspect is the vertical equipment. We should try to equip them with material as adapted to your size as possible, both in helmets, as harnesses, etc. For helmets, although some brands-models for children, we also have the possibility of adult helmets with small sizes. Harnesses must also be tailored to the size and it is advisable length. There are different brands of harnesses for kids, although some models adult harnesses are perfectly adaptable to, always complemented with a chest harness tight. About eight climbing, piranhas, stops, blocking, etc., I have no record of equipment adapted to the size of kids. In this case, they use the equipmamiento adults. Size is especially critical in the hand ascenders. In this case it may be advisable to directly use a basic, with a size that best suits their small hands.

The initiation process in vertical progression over the last three years is observed in the following photographs. The first year with some activity to only walk around the vertical site. It is a simple contact, to familiarize them with the material and walk around this type of places and secured by rope handrail.

Things look very nice from up here.

We made ​​progress insured.

Subsequently, in future activities began peaking techniques. Here it gets tricky. The first time you leave them hanging down wall then unfamiliar, nor comfortable. We seek some sites that although surface, having some similarity to the caves.

We started to give them some autonomy in the vertical progression, but always insured. They are always able to surprise you.

No time ago some were children start and now are much stronger than us and have a much better technique. And also they who are to start new ones.

Those earrings start attending the show. Soon you will be playing.

We progress through walls, always descending. We can even have the hands to play. This is not as difficult as it seemed a priori. We observed more relaxed faces in new kids.

It's time to go a little further. We must find some technique, how to descend, the vertical line, the placement of the feet to ensure good balance and progression. The best way is to directly correct posture progressing. They learn fast, much better than older.

The following activities are progressing faster. The environment and the equipment is familiar. Activities must be repeated. New kids climbers are also incorporated.

We secured small climbs. To lose, they must first climb. Well, caving is backwards.

Everything must be secured and constantly progress in rope handrails, etc..

Spare me a hand. The tension of the first times away from the face. This activity begins to be in a natural way, without stress.

Sin embargo, en la cara de los que empiezan, de los que es su primera vez, no se observa un mínimo grado de relajación, de seguridad. Soltar las manos de la cuerda no debe ser bueno, eso pasa por sus cabezas. De aquí no me suelto ni .... !Qué alto está esto!. Pero la historia se repite. La próxima será diferente y, la siguiente, mucho más.

However, in the face of those who start from which it is your first time, a minimum degree of relaxation, safety is observed. Hands off the rope must not be good, that goes through their heads. Hence I do not loose nor .... What is this high!. But history repeats itself. The next one will be different and the next, much more.

In 2007 another kids to vertical progression initiation was organized, in this case, Laura and family, full photo essay here.

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