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Basender Canyon (Lecina, Sierra de Guara) [Vertical Canyon School]

When we find a ravine that meets all the prerequisites to start and train children in practice of Canyoning not hesitate to join in your name the term "school". The Basender Canyon is without a doubt one of them. Very esthetic and nice, perfect to start and train kids in the vertical progression rope. A succession of very nice small rappels that no more than 13 meters, as well as several down climbings. Wonderful school ravine when children start to move on rope. In addition, a short approach and a canyon of no more than 700 meters long, will allow us to enjoy easy and devote the time necessary to the formation of children.

For the route approximation start from the parking header Vero Canyon, near the town of Lecina. Very briefly, Alquezar Barbastro or go to Asque, we continue towards Arcusa. As a starting point we drop the car near the town Lecina before the turnoff to the town. As observation at this point down to first find a car park on the left, which is the Portiacha Canyon, a tributary of Vero. Continue to the second parking lot on the left, a little later. From this second parking'll take path that leads in 5 minutes, a small bridge, dam, on the Vero River, which will help us to cross to the right margin.

But before we go on, here's a video of the descent of Basender.

In the next photograph the beginning of the path to the Vero. Two posters reported on Vero Canyon and Basender Canyon. Also in red, at the bottom, marking the approach path, after crossing the Vero River, to the Basender ravine.

In the bottom of the trail we cross the bridge. Just across the path part approach to the left by the right bank of Vero.

On the path signals indicate the path of Basender, we see in the next photograph.

We will follow the trail at all times. Then a right turn will take us a certain height on the left bank of Basender the beginning of the descent. The trail ends at the runway Basender.

Neoprene is not necessary for this canyon. That if, in return path, by tracing the Vero River, you may well have to dip your feet in the Vero river though, with a typical rate of summer, nothing will need neoprene.

We begin the descent down some small corridors horizontal progression.

The first downclimbing, small size, used to heat legs.

Small downclimbing ideal for practice exams and other maneuvers.

Among the difficulties small horizontal sections.

We reached the first downclimbing larger that, by their nature, are advised to rappelFitted in the left margin. We opted for the kids hook, so go fucking skills on the descent and positioning of the legs. In parallel an adult accompanies progression. The not so kids go down directly, initially accompanied by an adult. In summary, adult in fixed rope and kids in recovering one, lowering in parallel. This way you can go on advising the timeline, placing legs, etc.

The first waterfall, 10 meters long, fitted in the right margin.

Next photograph, downclimbing on the first W10.

Some excavated corridors. No ceilings let light.

Some canyon sections, more open, with horizontal progression corridor with small dowclimbing.

And more downclimbing mini size.

A new W10 fitted in the right margin.

And more corridors.


And more mini-downclimbing. Small, so they are ideal for children.

Another W10 fitted on the right side, in a dark area. Very nice place and canyons area.

Now we begin to stop down to kids unaccompanied. It is essential that caught enough skills to move in autonomy.

The ravine improved aesthetics. Corridors with all sorts of formations.

A new W10 fitted in the left margin, with an approximation of the head a little exposed to kids, makes that we make a recoverable handrail with a parabolt located a little late for that task. In this way the progression of the kids is ensured.

The waterfall, rather excavated, is also ideal for introducing children in the vertical progression.

A few days ago we were in several prehistoric cave paintings of Albarracin. In this small route kids made ​​a classification between stupid cave paintings and prehistoric paintings. Children quickly identified several paintings on the walls of the canyon and do not hesitate to classify them as stupid. There are many and varied. I do not understand what could lead someone to love the sport ravines and do something. Well, I imagine that those who do this, I play sports, but not respect him or love him. Certainly not the canyons.

Then new walkways canyonpoint. Nice, very nice, with vegetation hanging from above.

And a new W10, as spectacular as the last.

An immediate downclimbing, slightly higher than the previous, which requires kids to make a living.

And another dark area. This is starting to look like caving underground.

A section in which the water has carved a gorge into the ravine.

And a section between vegetation. At no point bothering vegetation progression.

And another small protrusion that go down for the right margin. Some kid starts to progress autonomously.

To get to the aesthetic difficulties throughout the canyon, its W13, equipped in the left margin. As always, the kids, who took down, and progress have evolved considerably over the wall with much more ease.

And others descend independently.

Aesthetics and formation of this W13 is truly spectacular.

Kids tasks involved in recovery rope. May someday be the ones with heavy bags and they take care of the whole.

The W13 from the bottom.

Photography cameras allow us to turn day into night and vice versa.

We are a few meters from the Vero River. We spotted walls.

But before we had a good time watching, enjoying the W13.

In the following, after the W13, the confluence of the River Vero and Basender.

But before arriving at Vero, we turn to come up with a great representation of stupid painting.

In Vero, we have to trace it to the bridge we crossed on approach to return the car. At some point we have to get into the water.

In other trails move.

Always at the Vero and its environment.

Will you ever see the chapel of San Martin?

Back at the car park, kids stop at the ravines posters we found, the two have descent in recent days, the Vero and Basender. One wonders how many canyons are in the Sierra de Guara. We say that many and we spare them time to do them all, but everything in its time. Make the mistake of speaking of Mascún and Gorgas Negras, which will cause us to suffer in the coming days by kids continuous, "we do Mascún and Gorgas Negras".

Canyon Overview.:

Approach time from the car.: 30m.
Canyon descent.: 2h-friendly
Return time.: 30m.
Material needed with children: 2 ropes 15 meters + a third backup rop, helmets. Indispensable-friendly food and water for the activity. The wetsuits are not necessary.
May to September (never after rains). After the rain flow can hamper Vero trace it. Evaluate the flow of Vero.
About dis canyon (source links

Complementary activities.: In the Sierra de Guara canyoning are many and varied, some of them desirable for children, as well as hiking. For more information see section of canyoning and routes from the main menu of activities for children available at the end of this post.

In addition to many other activities, if spare day, or to supplement another, you can take the "troop" to bath in the barrier near the village of Bierge, arrival of another classic canyons of Guara, the Peonera. You can find several places to practice jumps. Later there will be time to take them to higher jumps, such as the dam itself.

The receipt basin of the dam is another point of interest, especially on high heat.

In the activities we do always gets their attention the small milestones we encountered. They also want to make milestones.

Another highly recommendable for kids is in the town of Monzon, just over 50 kilometers (1 hour drive). The municipal water-park pools Monzón have a couple of big slides, and other much smaller. One double loss "donuts". Although we prefer the slides of the canyons, these facilities will make the stay into an afternoon of great activity. Photographs of Monzón waterpark available here.

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