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Vero River (Lecina to Villacantal Bridge, Sierra de Guara), [integral]

One of the most popular and characteristic canyon in the Sierra de Guara. Spectacular environment between high walls very well formed. From the point of view of canyoning for children, noted that it is quite long, about 7 kms., which would require that kids have a small fitness. Otherwise, the activity could be counterproductive for the children to engage in this sport. Moreover, the three chaos block will go over in the second part of the descent, also will be tested. Analyze the conditions of small kids before planning with them this canyon. Organize for a full day, calmly, to enjoy the environment and the canyon. Of course , in addition to all necessary equipment, neoprene , helmets, etc., bring enough water and food for a whole day. A small rope if necessary use some down climbing harnesses and related is also advisable.

Issues will not go into the ravine route approximation, since it is available in many references and links, some of which you'll find at the end of this post. Very briefly, Alquezar go to Asque, we continue towards Arcusa. As a starting point we drop the car near the Lecina before the turnoff to this town. As observation at this point down to first find a car park on the left, which is the Portiacha Canyon, a tributary of Vero River. Continue to the second parking lot on the left, a little later. From this second parking 'll take path that leads within 5 minutes at the beginning of the canyon, in a small dam.

The first part of Vero River is walking. Some times may be used parallel trails to the Vero River, part of the route of the San Martín Hermitage. This will advance apace.

A dam allows us to make a small jump to get into contact with water. In the event that no small wetsuits have a minimum of millimeters, reduce their time in the water, to prevent unnecessary heat loss.

Vero first walls shown.

Small kids, small jumps.

Then move apace. The Vero Canyon is long and whenever possible we will spare no time to win.

The game of imagining forms on the walls will be common for part of the Vero descent.

Stop time, bath time.

Vero shapes on your walls are surprised.

Large eyes to nose.

We reached an area in which he is forced to get into water. At this point it should be properly equip, full wetsuit, helmet, life jackets if needed, etc.

We are in the pre-dark zone. Nothing better than enjoying one of the many Vero jumps.

Hops and more hops. All these small dimensions. Ideal for the kids practice.

We walked in the dark.

The lack of sun makes the kids start losing temperatura.Jumps are the quickest way forward. Every kid is accompanied, at all times by an adult. That does not mean they do not do everything possible to progress independently by difficulties.

Among the few dark sunburst slip.

Sunbeams and hugs. Different way to get warm. Dark Vero impressive, with its play of lights. It is not caving, but it seems.

We left the dark. The Vero River is opened slightly. No rush. After dark a good time, when the sun heats up, so that small temperature recover as well as hydrate. It is also good place to eat something. Kids battery charges very quickly.

We followed some narrow corridors.

The limestone shows its forms.

Areas of shade and sun occur.

A vulture amid a wall, very close to us, seems to be sticking a feast. A pity not to have a decent zoom on the photograph camera. Well, you better not be worth a minimally decent photograph camera.

The stunning water color. Does colored water?.

At this point we are about halfway canyon descent. We have not yet reached the high peak. There are no pictures of the rest. I've discovered a new option for my camera. After many days of activity, is the first time it happens, to fill the memory card of photos, the camera puts in read mode, without giving any chance to erase do not want to keep doing photos. Later, after downloading the pictures, I had to format the memory card to reuse. Unbelievable but true.

Ahead we'll be perplexed with the large visor, as the name suggests, is a large roof, really big, flying over our heads.

After this great visor, three difficulties have to cross-sections which are tedious come to do something with kids, three blocks chaos that we find. In order not to exhaust the children, each of them opted for, at various points, overtaking adult a number of meters to verify the best forward area between the blocks, avoiding children having to fast forward, rewind, back advance, etc. Just as search, possible areas of progress, difficulties that are best suited to them.

After the last great chaos, enter into the Villacantal Gorge that announces the end of the canyon descent, the Roman Bridge of Villacantal in the following photo of our visit to Vero River last year.

At this point it is time to change kids to dry clothes to initiate a return path. On the return there are many possibilities. Best of all, if you have a second vehicle which has been allowed in the town of Alquezar or Asque, consumer tastes. From the Villacantal Bridge, we take the path of the bridge. Right, right bank of Vero River towards Alquezar. Left to Asque.

In our case, to have a single car, the activity is planned for the children, with an adult, make the path to Alquezar town where you expect to enjoy, in this case, a championship in his square ball Basque, on arrival of the vehicle. In parallel, an adult will make the long and arduous return to the car seat, in the parking Lecina. For this, the path to the bridge Villacantal left, it gets Asque. Shortly after climbing at a crossroads, instead of picking the right one to Asque, we take the left at all, a stretch that will take us along the right bank of the Lumos Canyon, to trace the path steeply the "Covacho of Arpán". This trail leads to 9 kilometers road from Lecina to Asque. 4 kilometers of road then will travel to the parking start the Vero descent. Of course, we will do roadside finger. This route to the car will start falling between 2h30m and 3h hike. 

Although this was the plan, to get to the Villacantal Bridge we met a group of French canonists. We asked if they had room in their vehicle for a person to climb the parking Lecina. The group was with a company called "Canyoning High Pyrenees". I have blown away with the guide of the company. To this question put everything in his power to give me the car back to the bedside. I did accompany the group leading to the town of Lecina. Then, although there were many people who had to take a seat, spread over several areas-car header, made ​​the necessary steps to fix a place on the vehicle carrying above. In addition , I was able to chat with him at length during the return. I have found that in addition to a great love of this and other outdoor sports, is a great professional. People who care every detail of the activities with their customers. People who care the number of clients per guide, to improve the activity and minimize risk. Very knowledgeable and love of canyons. And if something is missing, also a great companion for those who do free ravines. Serve these lines as gratitude to the people of the High Pyrenees and, in particular, Josep Creus.

Overview . :

Approach from the upper car.: 5m.Descent.: 5h -friendlyReturn to the car.: 40 minutes for second car in Asque or Alquezar. For return walk to the car upper car (2h 30m to 3h) [an adult for the car and the rest Alquezar or Asque ] .Material needed with children : 1. 15m rope for safety , 2 harnesses, wetsuits , helmets. If a child can not swim life jacket. Indispensable -friendly food and water for the whole day . Dry clothes for children.
Recommended time: July to September (never after rains). At other times or after rains can carry a very high flow rate, being totally discouraged with children.Considerations.: Magnificent and aesthetic canyon. The only problem, too long for kids, about 7 kms. descent. While analyzing the physical conditions of participating children before getting into this fall with them. If in doubt, you can always enjoy some sections, such as the one described in the entry The Vero (touchdown) in canyoning children, or start at the top from the parking Lecina section head back to the first point wherein Vero trace it involves a problem-difficulty.

About this canyon (topocanyons.info source links).: 

- http://www.somontano.org/vero/ (a marvel in photography and visual tour of Vero)

Actividades complementarias.: En la Sierra de Guara existen muchos y variados barrancos, algunos de ellos aconsejables para niños, así como rutas. Para más información ver sección descenso de cañones y rutas-senderos del menú principal de actividades para niños disponible en el enlace siguiente.

Complementary activities.: In the Sierra de Guara canyoning are many and varied, some of them desirable for children, as well as hiking. For more information see section "Sports in nature for CHILDREN" on the main menu of blog also available in the following link.

The Vero River (Alquezar, Sierra de Guara), [touchdown]

This canyon activity constitutes a small first contact with the world of canyoning. The aim is to familiarize with the equipment, and the canyoning progression. Section features make the activity does not require any planning, as we will see will be necessary in future.

The Vero River is one of the classic canyon of the Sierra de Guara in Huesca. Although a flow river type has no technical difficulty (another thing is with high flow), is difficult to do with young children, their length. In this case, and since it will be their first contact with the sport, and the goal is that you have a great time and want to repeat, we selected a small section of Vero River. Specifically, between the "Barranco de la Fuente" and Villacantal Bridge.

There is much and varied information on Vero Canyon. Of all the links highlight the following.:

Other links of Vero Canyon. (in Spanish):

Advance work and equipment.

It is a small stretch of Vero River without technical difficulty, so any material vertical progression is not included. Full wetsuits for children (3-4 mm.), boots, helmets (tight to their little heads), lifejackets its size (in the case of not knowing how to swim) are included. In addition, various food and water. It is essential kids well hydrated.

Approximation route.
We start Alquezar. We were accompanied by two kids, one 7 years old, with a good level of swimming, and other 4, who can not swim.
The streets of Alquezar

Desde el núcleo urbano de Alquezar cogemos el camino que, de inmediato, nos mete en el Barranco de la Fuente. En todo momento descendemos entre sus paredes. Sorprende la vista de la Colegiata de Alquezar.

From the town of Alquezar take the route that immediately puts us in the "Barranco de la Fuente". At all times go down within its walls. Surprising in view of the Alquezar Collegiate.
Alquezar Collegiate

Un gran número de pasarelas y escaleras en madera nos descienden hacia el Vero. Algún pasamanos hace que los niños tengan que progresar por un camino de roca. La aproximación, tomándola con calma, y siempre descendiendo, es de 1h.

A large number of wooden walkways and stairs down to the Vero River us. One handrail makes children have to progress along a path of rock. The approach, taking it easy, and always falling, is 1 hour.

Drop-approximation for the "Barranco de la Fuente"
We arrived at Vero River to appreciate the confluence with the "Barranco de la Fuente".

The descent (in this case rising).

In the course started, upside usual in this sport, by Vero. After a few meters we found a large vault excavated by Vero on your left side. It is the ideal place to take your first contact with the equipment and the surroundings. After their wetsuits properly fitted regularly and, in the case of kids, life jacket, you are put in the water under the vault. At first we left with the cap, to make them look not burdened by the helmet. The first contact, the better, slowly.

We leave them a good time in that area to become familiar with the environment and, above all, enjoy.

The small kid, what catches your eye, you can wet your shoes say anything without it. And question, but I can wet them?. Insists that wants to go in boots. After a while check it's not a good idea to progress through the ravines. And with all this, we continue the canyon ascent.

Scroll through the water with small legs are not easy. Gradually they are getting the hang of.

After some canyon sections move with some agility, always playing and enjoying.

We arrived at an ideal proving with another typical progression in technical canyons, jump area.

Is this the ideal time to change their cap for helmet. Fundamental to be of a size and is perfectly adjusted. Although it is obvious, are not very small kids wear helmets, let alone that it is very tight and tied.  

And, who does not like jumping?. Depending on the age of each different looking jumps, repeating several times and trying to correct technique and form of entry into water. Also, you can not jump everywhere, there is a thing called depth.

Strikes me that the child does not know standing jump. In all cases launches header. Though I try to explain how to jump up, over and jumping on board. Phew, brings back many memories.

After a while, and a large number of jumps, we continued the canyon ascent. After a few meters, they are the ones who are looking rocks and jump points to continue the fun. You really like jumping.

When the blocks disappear, or depth makes all sorts of impossible jumps, no choice but to continue.

A small place ideal for stuffing between the "foam".

And among the route approximation, canyon progression and a large number of jumps, among others, the two kids they fall asleep. They do not understand having to continue. Here time must be planned with plenty of room. And if they are tired, it is best to stop and get some sleep. Without going so that they do not rise as real "zombies." The bags, ropes available, etc.., how can be a mattress.

Al despertarse, es hora de comer un poco y, fundamental, hidratarlos. Proseguimos el ascenso, corto ascenso. Inicialmente los llevamos de la mano. Han despertado de su siesta aunque todavía tienen una cierta "caraja" encima.

Upon awakening, it's time to eat a little and hydrate them. We continued the ascent, short ascent. They have awakened from his nap but still have a sleepiness up some.

And now the Villacantal bridge of the late Middle Ages. Draws attention to the greatness of the bridge relative to the minute road-path. It was a small stretch of Vero River though, for kids, intense and certainly novel, and very funny.

On the bridge we change the kids clothing. It is essential to have dry clothes for them. We will return the path on the right side gunner back Alquezar.

The trail always lead us to climb near Alquezar.

From the route the children identified in the river some of the items on its canyon ascent.

And if we start with an image of the Alquezar Collegiate, ended up with the same "punch".

In just over 1 hour we arrive to Alquezar. In total there have been 5 hours of very relaxing canyon descent.

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