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Cerves Top Canyon (Tourón Waterfalls, Melón-Orense), [touchdown]

In this case more than a canyoning a couple of points of Cerver River be used that children can enjoy the water and practice some of our maneuvers.

This river has two sections practicable for canyoning, the Superior Cerves (photographs with a bunch of years) and Cerves Bottom.
From Melon take the road up to the monastery, with a sign to Tourón Waterfall. No let get to see a path to the right, with a wooden fence going over cars. A sign informs us that is the way to the waterfalls. Take that road to get between trees, Cerves runway. From this point we will see some wooden stairs on the left margin and some viewpoints. A great place to walk and enjoy the Cerves River.

SAFETY NOTE: This river has given quite a lot of accidents, and some of them deadly. The most incidents-accidents occur at the point of the bridge crossing the river apparently without danger, although the actually means the opposite. On the road approach, at the bottom, when the river is crossed to take the path of ascent (currently with a wooden bridge and stairs), an area usually enjoy some swimmers, we can identify a more than substantial danger point. This vast area, which apparently invites the bathroom, slips considerably more. Fortunately in summer to have low flow much of the surface is dry. After a slip occurs, it is most likely that of slid by a wide and slightly sloping ramp, after a bunch of yards, rushes into a near vertical waterfall. If this incident occur the consequences can be fatal.

Bridge crossing the Cerves River and stairs

From the bridge we see, at the top of the river, ideal for a small initiation of children vertically upright difficulty, but we'll leave for another day.

Pequeño rápel con sorpresa, ideal para iniciar a los peques en vertical

Comfortably climb the wooden stairs and, before reaching the top, give up the stairs to the left to access the river. Caution on the descent to the river to avoid any fall, to be several meters. By this point you get to the bottom place of Superior Cerves 35 metres waterfall (W35). Ideal for kids to play with the water and practice some maneuvers (swimming, underwater moving in the fall moving waterfall, jumping, etc.)

35 metres waterfall of Cerves Superior

Looking jumps

Recovering temperatura sun

The use of neoprene, although not essential, is highly recommended for the younger crowd to stand in the water a lot of time and, no doubt, to enjoy the water.

Another point of interest, also in the vicinity of Melon town, are the pools of the pool area. Always used by residents and visitors to take a dip. In his last pool children will also enjoy the water. Possible jumps and a small slide, small to enable all kinds of maneuvers.


Small Slide

Other small jumps

Finally, it is highly recommended, among other places, to visit Melon, O Casal, Serra and Ribadavia.

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